Binance: KOMODO Staking Reward Airdrop

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Binance: KOMODO Staking Reward Airdrop.
Binance presents new opportunity to earn additional coins on this biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange! This time it is Monthly KMD Staking Airdrop Program!
How to join to get KOMODO (KMD) airdrop?
Step by step..

  • You must to be a Binance user (here you can create an account on Binance– click link). (invite code: 10931895)
  • Users must hold at least 1 KMD in order to qualify for staking rewards. Move your KMD coins to Binance from anywhere and enjoy hassle-free staking rewards!
  • The initial distribution of KMD staking rewards will be calculated up until September 1, 2019, with the total amount distributed equal to the staking rewards accrued on holdings during the period.
  • KMD rewards are calculated daily and distributed monthly. Distributions will be completed before the 5th of each month.


Binance will distribute Komodo staking rewards as detailed below:

  • Monthly KMD Staking Airdrop Program
  • Starting from July 24, 2019, Binance will begin taking daily snapshots of user KMD balances at 00:00 AM UTC.
  • KMD Staking distribution will be calculated as follows:
  • KMD generated by each user = Total KMD staking rewards received by Binance * User KMD holdings ratio.
  • User KMD holdings ratio = User KMD holdings / Total KMD staked by Binance.

In this Binance opportunity is 250,000 KMD (~$300,000 USD) Initial Staking Reward Airdrop!
Do not miss it!
Join Binance, (invite code: 10931895) , send minimum 1 KMD to your balance and hold it there, and wait for the airdrop!

Official information:

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