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CIVIC cryptocurrency Airdrop + get rewarded for referring

civic airdrop

Official website of CIVIC cryptocurrency presents new opportunity to earn CIVIC! The Civic Wallet is almost here, and you can get a first peak at the next=generation identity and payment network.
92.5 million tokens reward pool available!

All you need to do is Join the waitlist – here. .

How to join the waitlist on Civic Airdrop and rewarded system?

Step by step.
Go to the official CIVIC waitlist website – here
Click „I’m in” Button and fill in the form (first name, last name, e-mail and your country”
civic airdrop
After sign in you will see your reflink to referring this action to your friends.
civic airdrop

Check your e-mail now, and confirm registration to airdrop.
civic airdrop

Finally you will ger e-mail with confirmation that you are on the Civic Wallet app waitlist
civic airdrop

More about CIVIC cryptocurrency Airdrop + getting rewarded for referring


Be in the top 100,000.
Only the top 100,000 referrers will earn rewards. Civic Wallet will be accessible based on rankings, only to waitlist members this Fall!

How it Works

Get on the waitlist for the campaign launch and get your unique referral link. Once the app is ready, download and get verified to qualify for rewards.

Three steps:
1. Tell your friends to join with your unique link! The rewards in the app will be available for a limited number of people this Fall. Every signup counts for early access
2. Download and create your account on the new Civic Wallet app this Fall. Encourage your referrals to do the same to maximize your potential rewards.
3. You get rewarded based on the total number of referrals that download the new Civic Wallet app and verify their identity by the end of Fall.

airdrop civic

airdrop civic

This is not an offer to U.S. Persons or to Persons resident in the United States and the rewards program is not available to U.S. Persons or to Persons resident in the United States.


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