CryptoAdvice Review – scam or the opportunity to earn?

crypto advice review

CryptoAdvice is the company which is the official Market Maker of QuickX project. Attention: they are two separate companies It’s necessary to highlight this fact at the beginning of the review, because many people think that QuickX and CryptoAdvice is the same thing, when it’s not.


QuickX: is the company which has their own token QCX (listed on markets) and they sells products, such as multicurrency hardware wallet and crypto debit card. On the other hand, CryptoAdvice is the company which created independent QuickX MLM platform, and which allows earning with the use of so called Staking Batches (certain percentage of profit a year for storing your coins with them) and their affiliate program.

CryptoAdvice created a market and promotes QuickX. It is also the official partner of QCX, but remember, they are to separate companies. If CryptoAdvice slips up and their MLM earning platform fails, then QuickX, as a separate company, won’t be responsible for it in any way! QuickX project and products can freely work without CryptoAdvice. And that’s where my main doubt about CryptoAdvice appears.

Namely, if the company goes out of business, then QuickX will not be responsible for it in any way. Remember about it before you decide to join CryptoAdvice and start earning here.

I think, it’s pretty low, but I am trying to understand that QuickX takes care of their business and does not want to take responsibility for marketing or MLM as well, even if it is based on their product – token, etc.


CryptoAdvice Review


Crypto Advice official start:  According to the information on the website, „In April 2016, platform was opened to public. Key traders were working since 2012. Administration was hired in the last of 2015 to prepare to start accepting investments from individuals”

But if you were to check the history of CryptoAdvice domain on ,then yes, in 2017 something was happening on the website, but it had nothing to do with Quickx. The first, more decent look of the website, with specific information about Quickx and MLM project that CryptoAdvice was preparing, appeared at the end of 2018. It is strange, as we are talking about the company that brags about ‘being open to public in 2016’ and which, at the same time, is in partnership with Mended Minds Ltd, registered in… 2017. Take a look below.

Crypto Advice Owners


Crypto Advice is a trademark of Mended Minds Ltd (company number 10766894), which was registered in May, 2017 in England and Wales, and you can check it out here:

ATTENTION: Statement of capital on 2017-05-12 is … 1 GBP (1 pound!)

CEO : Jordan Lucas

jordan lucas crypto advice

It’s interesting that in registration documents of Mended Mind Ltd, there is no information about their partnership with Crypto Advice, neither about the CEO, Jodan Lucas.

It is possible to directly check who is the owner of Mended Minds Ltd, and also to find the information that this company consists of various partnerships (with various lengths of service), but there is nothing regarding Crypto Advice. And nothing about Jordan Lucas. And this is another worrying and unclear issue for me.

And although the CEO, Jordan Lucas often appears on Quickx events and meetings, it is possible to speak with him, we know how he looks like and he is not anonymous… the doubts described above are still out there.


Moreover, he only seems to appear in places that the owners of QuickX attend too, like he wasn’t independent. And that really makes me think whether he is the real owner, or whether he is just a figurehead who has been placed in this position.


Interesting information about Crypto Advice found on the web and in internet


Apart from above-mentioned doubts, it is difficult to find more detailed information about Crypto Advice.

In comparison, the QuickX company and its owners can be easily seen right through. They are well-known in blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, while CryptoAdvice seems to be in some way hidden in the background, and apart from few general informations on their website, it is difficult to verify it all using other sources.

If the QuickX company created MLM on their own, then I think, it would look much more credible. The only thing that makes the situation better is the fact that on the official QuickX website, in their FAQ section, it is clearly stated that Crypto Advice is their official Market Maker.

crypto advice market maker


Crypto Advice Products


Crypto Advice in itself, as the Market Maker of the QuickX company does not own any products. They just allow people to earn with the use of the QuickX’s products, as well as their token QCX.

In CryptoAdvice you can buy:


Staking Batches (Holding Benefits Plan) – it’s the plan in which you buy QCX tokens on market, and then using this tokens purchase Staking Batches plan. Each plan like that freezes your QCX tokens for a year (12 months) and in exchange, you receive daily bonuses from Crypto Advice in the form of QCX tokens. Your tokens are stored there and nothing happens to them, but as a reward for not spending them – you get, daily, a certain percentage of new tokens. After a year, the tokens for which you purchased the plan, will be returned to you and you can sell them on the market. And the daily bonuses may be withdrawn once a week.

crypto advice review


Multicurrency Hardware Wallet – this is the QuickX product which you can purchase from CryptoAdvice, paying only the delivery cost, providing that you previously bought Staking Batches for minimum 500 Units (1 Unit = 1 USD).

You can buy the wallet on its own, without Staking Batches, but if you have them, you gain, because: a) you get 4% monthly reward for storing your coins with CryptoAdvice, b) you get the Hardware Wallet for the price of its delivery.

crypto advice wallet


Multicurrency Crypto Debit Card- this is another QuickX product which you can purchase from CryptoAdvice for the price of delivery, providing that you previously bought Staking Batches for minimum of 5000 Units (1 Unit = 1 USD).

You can buy the card on its own, without Staking Batches, but if you have them, you gain, because: a) you get 7% monthly reward for storing your coins with Crypto Advice, b) you get the Multicurrency Crypto Debit Card and the Hardware Wallet for the price of delivery.

crypto advice prepaid card

cryptoadvice review


Crypto Advice Compensation Plan, Affiliate Ranks and Bonuses
In Crypto Advice you can earn on 2 ways:

1) Own purchase of Staking Batches

crypto advice review

2) Using recommendation plan

crypto advice review


Crypto Advice – how to join?

Registration is free.
Visit the website

You will then be directed to begin setting up your account. Fill in your username, Full Name, Country, Mobile Number, e-mail, password, and accept to the CryptoAdvice user Terms nad Conditions.
After continuing, access your email and follow the verification link.
All other things you can set up after login.

Visit also the exchange market
Here you can buy QuickX Token (necessary to purchase Staking Batches in Crypto Advice).

E-mail to company:


Deposits and Withdrawals in Crypto Advice

Deposit options: only QCX token
Withdrawal options: only QCX Token (You can withdraw it on your hardware qcx wallet, or QCX wallet on Exchange and then sell it to BTC or other cryptocurrencies. )

Earnings from Staking Batches you can withdraw whenever you want.
Your deposit used to buy Staking Batches you can withdraw after 1 year (12 months).


Is Crypto Advice a safe business to join?
No, it’s not. Remember that no company which offers high profits is 100% safe. If you start working in such company -you have to be aware of risks and dangers. All companies that offer high gains on the Internet are not totally safe for your funds.
Stay exceptionally vigilant!

Is Crypto Advice a scam?
Currently Crypto Advice does action withdrawals and fulfils its objectives on time, so we cannot call it a scam. If it stops paying out in the future and becomes a scam – it will get moved to the ‘Cemetery’ section.

Because the project is connected with QCX Protocol, I really like it and I can see the opportunity for a good deal here. Unfortunately, on the other side, because of the amount of doubts related to Crypto Advice company itself, Mended Minds Ltd, as well as all the information which I am unable to verify, I have to label them with the sign:

The risk of potential loss: High (!)


What is „SCAM”?
Remember: most companies that offer opportunities to earn on the Internet are not entirely honest with their users. Some of them are up and running for few years and you may gain profits during this time. Others operate for several months and then they disappear before people manage to action any withdrawals. There are also those which from the start focus on gaining your trust, tempt you with high profits, just so they can run away with more money afterwards. Do not forget about the fact, that even if a particular company pays out the money today, it does not mean that after a month, two, or half a year, it wouldn’t turn out to be a scam.
High risk of loss is present in all companies which offer opportunities to earn on the Internet.
NEVER pay more money in that you can afford to lose without ‘pain’.
NEVER pay in your life savings to companies like that.
NON of these companies are able to guarantee profits, so you have to decide for yourself whether you are ready to take this risk.
If you are not ready to take the risk -leave this site and do not look for opportunities to earn higher percentages, because the possibility of losing your money is ALWAYS there.


Crypto Advice My doubts:

  • Why doesn’t QuickX run the MLM marketing platform on their own? Why is it done by Crypto Advice platform?
  • Why is Crypto Advice managed by the CEO who is not mentioned in registration documents of Mended Minds Ltd? Why is the Mended Minds Ltd company run by people, of whom there is no information on the Internet? Who are they?


  • Why is there so little information online about the CEO of Crypto Advice, Jordan Lucas?
  • Why does the Mended Minds Ltd ‘company capital’ equal 1 GBP (1 pound!)? Isn’t it simply funny and unprofessional for the company that consists of so many partnerships?


  • What will happen if one day Crypto Advice disappears from the Internet? Is all the responsibility laying with Jordan Lucas- the man of whom there is so little information online and… the parent company with unknown owners and the capital of 1 pound!
  • Why did Cryptonity market, the company which had run the pre-sale of their tokens with the help of CryptoAdvice, posted the following entry on their FanPage and how accurate it is?cryptoadvice vs cryptonity


If you have some response or you know some logical answer to questions above -please leave a comment.

Risk Disclaimer, print screen from Crypto Advice website

cryptoadvice risk


In my opinion:

You have to stay exceptionally careful! If you are convinced by what a company is stating and you decide to join it despite all the doubts described in this review, then remember to always withdraw your contribution first and to never believe 100% when people say that this company will last forever and it will make you a millionaire! There were many companies like that before and they DON’T usually last for long. Think twice before you decide to join.
High risk of loss.
It is only your responsibility!

My decision (you don’t have to agree with it!):
I know the risk, I join it, I check it out.


My Plan: I am going to buy 500 Units of Staking Batches to be able to purchase Multicurrency Hardware Wallet for delivery price only. I will earn daily bonuses of Qcx token. When its price goes up, I will profit by selling them on market. Once my Multicurrency Hardware Wallet arrives, I will check whether it works fine and then I may possible purchase more Staking Batches. I will get enough of them to be able to buy Multicurrency Debit Card and carry on earning from daily bonuses.

If the price of QCX token does not go up (yes, it is possible), then I will sell some of them at the start, and I will keep the rest on Multicurrency Hardware Wallet, so they wait for better times.

Am I going to earn? I don’t know, but QCX project seems interesting to me, so if it does work out, I would like to profit on it.

If CryptoAdvice company survives another year, I will additionally receive the return of my deposit from the purchase of 500 Units of Staking Batches.

Then, I will think what to do next.

And if it doesn’t survive, then well: I won’t earn. But I will be left with Multicurrency Hardware Wallet in my pocket, on which I am able to store my cryptocurrencies, similarly to Ledger Wallet.

Attention: In this review, I only wrote about CryptoAdvice, not about QuickX project. The QuickX project is much more wider subject and it’s much more interesting. I have decided to join Crypto Advice because of the plans and development of QuickX company, not because Crypto Advice appeals to me. I have some reservations if it comes to it.


Important: I am not an investment advisor!
I am just the publisher, and I’m not taking responsibility for any company listed out here.
I am not responsible for any kind of money loss from joining or participation in the reviewed programs. When you join or invest in a program of your choice, it is only your responsibility. It means that I am not responsible for your loss. The information provided here is based only on my own research, and you don’t have to agree with them! Be careful: some companies, investments, plans, listings or free/paid advertisements here may be illegal, depending on your country’s laws. Check it out before you join any company.
I do not recommend spending what you cannot afford to lose!
I am not responsible for any loss of money. It is only you who is responsible for your losses.


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