Cryptocurrency Mining & Masternode

Mining Masternode category

In this category, you can find reviews of companies that specialise in cryptocurrency mining & masternodes, both small scale and large scale.

Cryptocurrency Mining: companies which sell miners for cryptocurrency mining in your own house, companies which offer miners allocation, cloud mining and many others.

Remember: mining is a long term investment, that may not be profitable at the time of mining. There is a chance that it will bring you high gains in the future and also when cryptocurrency price jumps up high on the market and you sell it with profit.

If you use cloud mining or you buy mining power from other companies, don’t forget to regularly withdraw your profits. It had already happened in the past, that people failed to withdraw anything when there were mining, and then a company got shut (for example, due to administrative or financial reasons) and the users weren’t able to withdraw their profits any more.

There are risks in cryptocurrency mining, same as in every other company. A project may always go down or you may stop earning in it.

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