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Earn free ASIMI Token every day

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Would you like to get some free cryptocurrency tokens for free without spending any money on it?

You may collect it! Free cryptocurrency, in this instance ASIMI tokens, from Hashingadspace platform. ASIMI token, based on Waves, is not so popular just yet, but it is a good moment to either get it cheap or for free, so you can sell it with profit in the future.

How to collect ASIMI Token for free?

Step by step
Visit the Hashingadspace website and carefully fill the form

free token asimi
Click „Get Started” button and access your e-mail and follow the verification link
That’s it!
Now, you can login to your account and start to earn free ASIMI Tokens every day

Once you log in to your account on Hashingadspace, you will see 2 buttons at the top, right corner – ‘V2E’ and ‘Start minting’. Use the ‘V2E’ button to collect ASIMI tokens for free. You’ll need to watch maximum of 50 ads per day. For each one of them you’ll receive ASIMI tokens.

Attention: Asimi tokens may be sold for BTC or Waves, using the platform  – there is a free cryptocurrency market here, for all Waves blockchain based tokens and for other cryptocurrencies. You only need to open the account and send ASIMI out there, from Hashingadspace. Then sell it for cryptocurrency of your choice.

You will find all video instructions after registering to Hashingadspace platform. They are very intuitive.

It’s been checked. They pay.

Average withdrawal time: 3 days.


Is it worth to collect free token?

Yes, but it requires a lot of time – unless you’re sat in front of a computer anyway and you wouldn’t mind having one extra window open to ‘click’ a button every now and then. It may be tedious but it brings good results. They say that if you were to spend full days on it, you could collect nice amounts, but… who would do it for so long? 😉

However, if you don’t have enough money for deposit, to make a start in cryptocurrency sector, you may use this option to earn little amounts and to learn too.

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