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Get free tokens from Coindeal!

coindeal token free

Popular cryptocurrency Exchange Coindeal introducing their own CDL Token. How to get this Token for free?
It’s super simple! CoinDeal Tokens are absolutely FREE for their users! All you have to do is register on CoinDeal and go through our full verification process. That includes ID verification and proof of address. After that, just come back here to claim your 100 FREE CoinDeal Tokens!

How to collect Coindeal Token for free?

Step by step.
Visit the website

You will then be directed to begin setting up your account. Fill in your email, password, and agree to the Coindeal user agreement and privacy policy.

coindel join

After continuing, access your email and follow the verification link.
All other things you can set up after login.
Verify your account and you will get 100 FREE CoinDeal Tokens on your balance.

free token cdl

coindela token

Few informations about CDL Token:

As we read on main website: The CoinDeal Token has been in development the last 12 months and will be the cornerstone of this exchange moving forward. With CDL, you can lower your trading fees, vote for new coins, use CDL to trade on multiple markets, gain access to additional trading features and later on you will gain access to their social trading platform, and more! Also, staking CDL Tokens in your CoinDeal wallet will allow you to decrease your trading fees to almost zero!

CoinDeal Token is a utility token based on the EOS blockchain and will be tradable on multiple markets and pairs after the token distribution is complete.

Time is important here: The faster you claim your tokens, the better! There is only enough tokens for 450,000 users so act quickly! After the token distribution is complete, their will be launching trading pairs based on the CDL. Go to and you will be able to trade and sell CDL for BTC, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, KRW, PLN, and more!

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