HashingAdSpace Review – scam or the opportunity to earn?

hashingadspace review

HashingAdSpace is one of the companies, from MLM based on Tokens & Cryptocurrencies category. This system provides pretty interesting connection of advertisement platform, with over 120 000 users already, and the idea of building the whole system on the base of their own token.

Additionally, they also offer affiliate program, as well as the opportunity for earning tokens without your own investment. It sounds appealing and I have to admit that after having been testing this system for last few months, as an advertiser (I buy ads out here) – I can see benefits for advertisers looking for targeted traffic, for people clicking ads, and for those who work in cryptocurrency world and enjoy testing new systems. And finally, it is also for people who just simply want to earn from the affiliate program (MLM).

But don’t you worry – I am not being excited without any trace of criticism. It wouldn’t be like me. I will move on to ‘my doubts’ in the following parts of this review, so make sure you read it fully.

HashingAdSpace Review

HashingAdSpace official start: The project was being prepared for most of 2018 and its official prelaunch started between December 2018 and January 2019. During the prelaunch and the phase of testing the system, users were able to get many interesting bonuses. The prelaunch has finished now, so these bargains are not available any more.

HashingAdSpace Owners

CEO: Luke Millard (Facebook profil: https://www.facebook.com/people/Luke-Millard/100011460092022 ) . Luke Millard used to be the promoter and the leader in various companies with online earning possibilities, but from 2018 he only works in his own company – HashingAdSpace. He has very good reputation among the users.

About company:

Address: Level 13, 50 Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise, QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4217
Questions to support: e-mail support@hashingadspace.com or fill the form here ( https://hashingadspace.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new )
Official Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/HashingAdSpace
Official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmibjl1BlzqiATGXzTyw1yQ
ASIMI token: based on Wavesblockchain (you can buy and sell it on Waves platform: https://client.wavesplatform.com/ )
Interesting information about HashingAdSpace found on the web and in internet

You should not mistake HAS with most of the programs which have their own token, giving their users some packs, percentage bonuses from their profits, rewards from investment, etc. HAS does not do that. The only things people earn in HAS are ASIMI tokens (as long as you purchase their so called minting package in advance), but the number of this tokens is not specified in any way. Simply, they are constant, minted daily (minting is a creation of new tokens) and given to the users. You don’t have any assurance of how much you are going to earn as it all depends on ASIMI value, at the time when you want to sell them.

You can also earn by recommending the system and by viewing ads, for which somebody else pays (take a look here: earn free ASIMI tokens).


Asimi is a freely traded token, listed on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.
Noone can predict the price or value of Asimi, now or in the future. Minters create new Asimi by minting ads. Advertisers use Asimi to purchase advertising. This creates the supply and demand for Asimi, which in turn determines the price/value of Asimi on the exchange.

Attention: many people are highly excited with the thought that they will earn hundreds of free ASIMI tokens (for example, by watching ASIMI paid ads) or that they’ll get them by purchasing minting package, but it does not have to be true, so they should calm their emotions down! The value of token may lower with time or even drop to zero, same as it could happen with every other cryptocurrency. It would be a lie to say to people that they are going to earn millions. The probability of earning is pretty high, but it is also possible to not to earn at all. Or to only earn a little. Or to lose.

I think that overoptimism in groups related to earning in HAS is highly exaggerated.


However, their advertisement features work really will, as long as you are an advertiser and you pay for ads. Personally, I am promoting other projects through HAS and I get many leads here. That’s why I believe it is worth to focus on advertisement potential of this platform (over 120 000 users from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and many other countries).

Advantage: for the first time, I can see the project which is so well prepared if it comes to questions and answers. They are available through video tutorial on the platform, explaining each activity step by step. In this respect: great job.

Easy contact with the company via email and regular newsletters also deserve a good score. The users are being kept up to date with all the news, etc. It is the big positive.


HashingAdSpace Products

Asimi Stake: A contract for Asimi miniting: 365 days. This is the action of watching ads on Hashing Ad Space creates new Asimi tokens. This is called “minting” Asimi. If you have bought „Asimi Stake”, new Asimi tokens are minted every 24 hours and then distributed equally amongst all the ads minted in that 24-hour period. When you watch the ads, you are minting new Asimi. These new Asimi tokens are yours to keep. The number of ads you can view in each 24-hour period is called your ad “minting limit”.
The higher your minting limit, the more ads you can view and therefore the more Asimi you earn.
Staking is not a purchase. Your Staked Asimi Tokens always remain yours.
All staked tokens are returned to you (Return of Stake) over the contract period as you mint ads.
As well as your Return of Stake, you receive any new Asimi tokens that you mint via ad views daily.

Advertising Products:
Ad Minter Advertising – By purchasing this product you will receive targeted high volume traffic to your website (and that is true, I checked it out!). Display your website to HAS members each day within “Ad Minting” system. Your website will be displayed for a minimum of 7 seconds, to motivated members from around the world. Really good way to get thousands of people looking at your site constantly, every day. Price: about 20$ for 2000 impressions.

Banner Advertising – Banner Ad placement on nearly every page of site. This package gives you a combination of both horizontal rectangle and square banners. It also offers you flexibility in your advertising by allowing 10 separate Banner Ad campaigns to be running at any one time. Price: about 20$ for 160 000 banners impressions.

V2E Advertising (this one I really like to buy here!) –paid ads.


HashingAdSpace Compensation Plan, Affiliate Ranks and Bonuses


In Hashingadspace you can earn on:

Minting – (if you buy the Asimi Stake product yourself, you will earn bonuses in form of Asimi tokens. Every day for 365 days

Viewing daily paid ads (more about it here: click to read )

Affiliate program, so on recommending HAS to others.

hashingadspace review

hashingadspace review

hashingadspace review


Registration bonus: 2000 banner impression fo free.

Click to visit Hashing Ad Space

HashingAdSpace – how to join?

Registration is free.
Visit the HashingAdSpace website
You will then be directed to begin setting up your account. Fill in your name, e-mail, password, and accept to the HashingAdSpace user Terms nad Conditions.

hashingadspace review
After continuing, access your email and follow the verification link.
All other things you can set up after login.
The Company allows only persons aged 18 or older
It is prohibited for a person to have multiple registrations from different e-mail addresses.


Deposits and Withdrawals in HashingAdSpace

Deposit options: BTC (using Coinpayments) or Asimi Token
Withdrawal options: Asimi Token (based on Waves platform)
Withdrawal time: About 3-4 days.
There are NO monthly fees, ongoing costs nor subscriptions.
It’s been checked. They pay.


Is HashingAdSpace a safe business to join?
No, it’s not. Remember that no company on the world is 100% safe. If you start working in such company -you have to be aware of risks and dangers. All companies that offer high gains on the Internet are not totally safe for your funds.
Stay exceptionally vigilant!

Is HashingAdSpace a scam?
Currently HashingAdSpace does action withdrawals and fulfils its objectives on time, so we cannot call it a scam. If it stops paying out in the future and becomes a scam – it will get moved to the ‘Cemetery’ section.
The risk of potential loss: Medium/High (!)

What is „SCAM”?
Remember: most companies that offer opportunities to earn on the Internet are not entirely honest with their users. Some of them are up and running for few years and you may gain profits during this time. Others operate for several months and then they disappear before people manage to action any withdrawals. There are also those which from the start focus on gaining your trust, tempt you with high profits, just so they can run away with more money afterwards. Do not forget about the fact, that even if a particular company pays out the money today, it does not mean that after a month, two, or half a year, it wouldn’t turn out to be a scam.
High risk of loss is present in all companies which offer opportunities to earn on the Internet.
NEVER pay more money in that you can afford to lose without ‘pain’.
NEVER pay in your life savings to companies like that.
NON of these companies are able to guarantee profits, so you have to decide for yourself whether you are ready to take this risk.
If you are not ready to take the risk -leave this site and do not look for opportunities to earn higher percentages, because the possibility of losing your money is ALWAYS there.


HashingAdSpace My doubts:

  • Do people who are active on the platform understand that no token, even ASIMI, will be worth millions of dollars? When I see the enthusiasm of HAS users, I wonder whether they realize that its value might as well go down? It might even drop close to zero.
  • The advertisement platform looks great and the ads I buy, support my other projects really well. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether people are using this advertisement potential, or whether they are only focused on the vision of magical coin which will make them rich 😉 Of course, the company is unable to do anything with people’s attitude. I am just worried that when the price of ASIMI will have dropped few times, then these 120000 users may turn to a horde of disappointed and frustrated people.
  • Most users focus here on opportunities to make profits, instead of using the product – the advertisement. That’s why I think they will be disappointed. They seem to not understand neither the potential of advertisement, nor the fact that Hashingadspace was NOT created for people to earn millions, but to advertise their businesses.
  • Why is the company registered in Australia, but the owner stays in Canada. I am just curious.
  • Is Asimi token going to appear on other markets? Or is it going to exclusively stay on Waves platform, where, comparing to other markets, the traffic is pretty low…
  • Is Asimi token going to be used for anything else, other than the purchase of advertisement from Hashingadspace platform and speculative-trading moves on Waves platform? This limitation of token usage builds its collapse vision in my head, in case of HAS platform going down or the disappearance of its owner (even for ordinary reasons).

If you have some response or you know some logical answer to questions above -please leave a comment.

In my opinion:

You have to stay exceptionally careful! If you are convinced by what a company is stating and you decide to join it despite all the doubts described in this review, then remember to always withdraw your contribution first and to never believe 100% when people say that this company will last forever and it will make you a millionaire! There were many companies like that before and they DON’T usually last for long. Think twice before you decide to join.
Medium / High risk of loss.
It is only your responsibility!

My decision (you don’t have to agree with it!): I know the risk, I join it, I check it out.


My plan: I am in this program not to earn ASIMI tokens. I am also not interested whether its price will go up in the future or not. I am only using their huge users data base (over 120 000) to buy advertisement for projects I recommend.

Regardless of HashingAdSpace achieving success with their ASIMI token, or not: I am only using it for advertisement and that’s what I am spending my money on, so I won’t get disappointed. No visions about earning big bucks. Just advertisement.


Important: I am not an investment advisor!
I am just the publisher, and I’m not taking responsibility for any company listed out here.
I am not responsible for any kind of money loss from joining or participation in the reviewed programs. When you join or invest in a program of your choice, it is only your responsibility. It means that I am not responsible for your loss. The information provided here is based only on my own research, and you don’t have to agree with them! Be careful: some companies, investments, plans, listings or free/paid advertisements here may be illegal, depending on your country’s laws. Check it out before you join any company.

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