HYIPs & Other Risky Programs


What are HYIP companies and projects?

HYIP – High Yield Investment Programs are all companies which offer high profits to their users, for little or no work at all, but you have to pay adequately high deposit instead. Unfortunately, you need to bare in mind that most of these companies do not have good intentions and after some time, they would con their users, disappearing with their money. They tend to become SCAMs, and that means projects which do not pay out money of which they were talking about in their plans.

If you decide to invest your funds in HYIP company, remember that the risk of loss is very high and that you have to choose a strategy to minimise it as much as possible. You will never be able to eliminate it completely.

Before you decide to put you money into HYIP company:

  • Check when it was launched. Longer HYIP exists, higher probability of it disappearing soon.
  • HYIP projects very often pay out money to users on time, but it only continues during the first period of their operation (for example, 1 up to 4 months).
  • As particular HYIP gets older, the chance for you to earn in it decreases. Remember about it when you plan new registration and when you pick a strategy.
  • Check what is the profit percentage they offer. Higher percentage equals higher chance of a company disappearing before it pays anything out!
  • If a particular HYIP is older that 5-6 months – do not join it. Obviously, I am not 100% sure that this is when it is going to go down, but the risk is many times higher, so I would not recommend it.
  • No HYIP is able is able to guarantee profits. Every single one of them is risky.

Technically, all HYIPs brag about their offices, transparent owners, development plans, certificates etc. Unfortunately, most of those claims are just fairy tales which are meant to reduce your vigilance. Look out for fairy tales!

They are programs for people with strong nerves and awareness of possible loss.

If you do not have strong nerves and you’re not tough enough, DO NOT join HYIPs!

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