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Let’s earn 15$ in free app

earn free money

Let’s earn 15$ in free app

This is something like a really nice, fast playing game:)

Instruction step by step:

1. Download free app
2. Open the app, make the first bet (try to guess if Bitcoin price going up, or down) and then answer some trivial questions and go to the account registration in the app

3. Register an app account using the 7ESQGGA code,
thanks to which you will get 3,000 points to start (without the code you only get 400 points and you bet on the BTC price with these points, so it’s good to have more)

4. For the next 7 days, log in daily and predict the BTC price to get more points

5. You get badges for each task you complete – each badge is an additional 50 CHSB tokens on your account

6. CHSB tokens are on KuCoin and HitBTC exchanges so you can fast sell it for BTC! Read more about CHSB here:

7. Recommend the application to friends and get even more points!


Currently you can earn here in two ways:

  • You participate in the prize draw. Between 20,000 of the most active users will be drawn $ 500,000 in BTC
  • By logging in daily and completing bet-tasks you get SwissBorg tokens: for each task you receive badges, thanks to which you can get up to 1750 CHSB worth (for today): $ 15

Good to know:
SwissBorg is a Fin-Tech company from Switzerland that raised over $ 50 million last year during an ICO.
One of the company’s products is an application that allows you to predict the price of Bitcoin and get rewards for correctly selecting the course direction.
The application already has over 40,000 users.

Fast, easy, simple and: FREE.


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