MLM based on Tokens & Cryptocurrencies

MLM based on Crypto

MLM based on Tokens & Cryptocurrencies – it is a new wave of projects that allow you to earn. They became popular around 2 years ago. The most common scenario of how this companies work looks simple: a project creates its own token or cryptocurrency and build its money earning system around it.

They are usually based on MLM (multi level marketing). The sale of token, mini token, contests, MLM, recommendations, the use of cryptocurrency by the public, online shopping with this cryptocurrency and more. Most Cryptocurrencies & MLM Tokens are long term projects and their development may require years of patience. Unfortunately, there are still many imperfections in these projects.

Some of them may also turn out to be Hyips or Scams, or the value of a token may drop so low, that even after you sell it, you won’t earn much.

Looking at the history of these projects: we’ve seen programs with their own cryptocurrency, mining products, miners and social networks – which still did not survive and we may either buy their cryptocurrency for the price that’s close to zero or the owners dumped it completely.

And here as well, there is no guarantee that a system will turn out to be a success and that anyone will profit on it. There are always two options: you will either earn on it or you won’t.

Before you decide to earn on MLM based on Tokens & Cryptocurrencies:

  • Make sure that you have few years to wait for potential profits and ask yourself whether you know that even after this time your token may not be worth much.
  • Can you remember other Cryptocurrencies & MLM Token companies?
    How they ended or how are they performing at the moment?
  • Have you done your own research and have you checked whether a company seems to have a plan, or whether they give out more than they create?
  • Does the company offer their own, specific products like cryptocurrency wallets, credit cards etc.?
  • Is the company only based on tokens, which they created almost for free, and on recommendations by MLM users?
  • Do they have anything else that would be likely to increase the value of token?
  • Does it offer something that people may need or does it provide a solution to some significant problem?
  • Did you check what well-known names or brands stand behind this company or cooperate with it? Are they known worldwide or are they all new, unknown people nobody heard of before.
  • Does the company regularly run for its cryptocurrency? If not, why don’t they do it?

Remember: MLM based on Tokens & Cryptocurrencies  often build wonderful success story around them, but it does not have to be a true picture of how things really are.

You should always take this into consideration, because it is obvious that if anything was going wrong or not how is should be, the owners of these projects would not tell you about it.

Similar to other risky projects, it is possible to earn out here, but you have to stay cool, think logically, not be afraid of risk, but be able to take responsibility for it.

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