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PTCShare: Free Dollars to earn. Paid Ads without own investment!

ptcshare review

PTCShare is the revenue share type of project, but you can also earn here without your own investment. Obviously, it wouldn’t bring you crazy amounts of money, but looking at the number of advertisements that they give you to watch every day, I have to say that you may earn few dollars by doing so. It is the good option for people who like clicking on cashlinks, paid ads and PTC.

How to earn in PTCShare without investment?

After registration (link to join – click here) go direct to „Paid Ads” section.

ptcshare free earning
„Paid Ads” button: here you will find BAP’s point ads to click and other Paid Ads to click. Your Paid Ads will be worth more as you collect more BAP points (you can click on them daily, there is few of them to get a day). At the start, when you don’t have a lot of BAP points, you get plenty of ads worth, for example, 0,0001 USD or 0,0005 USD. But after few days of regular collecting of BAP points, you start to receive ads with value of $0,2, $1 and even the ones that are worth few dollars each.

‘Click Grid’ button gets you to an easy, lottery game. You will see a square with hidden fields. You have to click on these fields and if you choose the right one, you get a small amounts of USD. You get 20 attempts to win each day.


‘Cash Offers’ give you the opportunity to complete paid tasks. These include surveys, registrations in various companies, games, and many more. Complete a task to receive a reward. This option pays significantly more than Paid Ads and Click Grid, so if you have time, it’s worth to try it out.

Additionally, PTCShare has separate affiliate program: if you invite your friends to click on paid ads, you will receive 3% commission for ads they watch.

More information about PTCShare:

Cashouts: Cashouts are processed within 24 hours for any cashouts of your balance, that was earned only via referral commissions, viewing ads or completing offers on PTCShare!
Cashout of any other part of balance from your account (i.e. deposits or other sources) will not qualify for quick cashouts and will be completed within 14 days.
Cashouts option: Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin
Minimum to cashout: 1$
Maximum to Cashout: 1000$ per day,
Cashout Fee: 4.00% + $0.25


The owners of PTCShare: PTCShare is the new project which got introduced by the owners of Paidverts (one of the biggest revshare programs which has been operating for a very long time. It is important to know that although it survived on the market for so long, you won’t earn much in there and generally, it is not worth joining it at all.). However, the fact that PTCShare is owned by the same people makes me hope that it will last for long too.

Earning opportunities: without investment (Paid Ads) or with investment (revenue share). It is not necessary to buy anything to earn on Paid Ads!
Date of start: June, 2019.


Risk: They offer opportunity to earn without investment, so you won’t lose your own money. It is possible that the company will eventually go down and they won’t pay your profits out (this risk is always there). However, as you haven’t invested, you won’t lose your funds. What can you lose? Your time – the time you spend on clicking on ads which aren’t worth a lot.

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