Security – stay safe online

Before you decide to earn on the Internet by accepting an offer of some company, a project or a program, remember about basic safety rules which may help you to minimise the risk of losing money, identity theft or someone hacking your account.

The most important safety rules:

Do not use the email address which is connected to your bank account and which you use most often to create new accounts in online companies.

Create a new email address to sign up to each individual company and write login details down on a piece of paper.

Do not store passwords on your computer! (if hackers manage to break in, you are going to lose everything!)

Always use a unique, difficult password to every email account and to every internet project you join.

Use multiple security measures and two-factor authentication. You may choose: google authenticator (the app to download from Google Play), additional log in by entering a code from text message, additional restriction of being able to enter exclusively from your own IP address, etc.

stay safe online

More security measures you take, more difficult it is going to be for hackers to steal from you.

Never give your passwords to anyone.

If you use cryptocurrency -never store it on cryptocurrency markets or online wallets. Use hardware wallets instead. For example, Ledger for cryptocurrencies, or a paper wallet which you can generate on the Internet.

Always write all passwords down in two separate places.

Do not store passwords on your phone!

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